Best Volcanoes for Your Adventurous Flores Island

Many people are going to Flores to visit the Kelimutu volcano. That is because this volcano is considered as one of the most attractive volcanoes in Flores Island. Because of the thrilling and adventurous feel, many people are going to this city, just to go to visit the Kelimutu volcanoes. If you are also interested on the thrill and the adventurous feel of this island, then you might need to know some other volcano options that you can visit on this island. Here are some of those best volcanoes that you can find in Flores.


  • The first one is Mount Egon. This mount is located in Sikka district, not that far from the main city of Flores. This way, you will not need to worry about the transportation since there are a lot of transportation options that you can take from the main city centre. For your information, the height of this mountain is not that high since the height is only about 1703 mdpl so that you will not need a long walk just to get to the top of this mountain and find the crater.
  • The second one is Mount Inerie. This mountain is a little bit similar with the Mount Egon actually, but the top part of this mountain is not as good as Mount Egon. That is because the top of this mountain looks like an excavation site. Even though, this mountain is considered as one of the best volcanoes in Flores Island because of the size of the crater. The size of the crater is very big and it is still active so that you will need to be careful if you are on the top of this mountain.
  • The last one is the famous Kelimutu. Basically, this mountain is not active anymore. That is because the crater has died many years ago. Even so, the attractive part of this mountain is still there so that many people are going to this mountain if they are visiting Flores. For your information, the big explosion of Mount Kelimutu many years ago resulted on the tri-colored lakes on the top of the mountain. That is one thing that many people are looking for, three lakes of crater that has three different colors. The uniqueness of green, soft blue and reddish black on those three lakes is becoming one nice attraction that attracts a lot of tourists.

Those are some nice volcanoes that you might be interested to visit while you are in Flores. Besides those volcanoes, Flores actually still has a lot of nice spots that you can simply visit, especially by those who lave to see the beauty of the nature. There are so many islands and beaches in Flores Island that you can visit if you are interested. You can simply rent a boat to jump from one nice beach on an island to another beach on another island. This way, you can get the beauty of the high from the volcanoes and the low from the beaches.