Albania: explore many tourist points as most wonderful and beautiful destination


Albania as a small Mediterranean country makes a unique place with its cultural mysterious and virgin nature that comes all together. This is less crowded tourist destination with the red field of the spring poppies to the white and pure snow of the mountains. The landscape and beauty of Albania is ever-changing that depends upon the season and also offers the visitors with lots of fun activities like challenging mountain trekking and even summer beaches for the holidays. Albania holiday destination is also a part of rich heritage and cultural tradition that welcomes the guests with warm hospitality and while tourists can feel like home in this wonderful and small land.


While you are making plan for the Albania tourism, you should also know about some of the famous destinations of Albania.

  • Tirana

Tirana is a major cultural and economic center of this city and capital of Albania. In this dynamic capital city you can experience some of the never ending moments of energy. Tirana is worth discovering by both night and day with Pubs, clubs and cafes and has unquestionable amazing night life. One should start their journey by visiting the attractive key spots such museums and mosques. Your visit to the national history museum, archaeological museum, national gallery and the private mezuraj museum will definitely give you most wonderful memories.

  • Ionian coast

Albania Riviera is a wonderful place where sun stretches across the sea and there are also some splendid configurations of hillsides and mountains including isolated and rocky beaches. Ionian coastal line is famous for its very clean and deep water and for having wonderful beaches. You should also know about some of the most interesting and exotic beaches in south Albania like jali, borsh, ksamil, himara, saranda, qeparo and Dhërmi. There are different lakes throughout Albania that may also differ depending upon their characteristics and size.

  • Korca

Korça is famous for its typical quarters that is composed of villas and low houses. This city covers different ranges of museums such as the national museum of medieval art, the education museum, the prehistoric museum and many more. In Albania, Korça is a city where largest carnival is organized while this city is also known for its beautiful musical songs that is also called serenata. Many of the tourists also find traditional food and drinks as a wonderful combo with the good musical to enjoy.

The nature of Albania is amazing within this small territory

Albania is a mountainous country and two third of this territory is either hilly or mountainous. You can also find vast caves and experience lots of outdoor fun sports activities like hiking, mountain climbing, trekking by visiting the most interesting sites. Albania has all the ingredients that are necessary to develop trekking and hiking tourism. You can have the real experience with the lush valleys, rugged snow clad alpine mountains wetland full of wildlife, sparkling lakes and traditional villages while visiting this place can be wonderful experience.

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