Goa: a perfect place for food lovers


Goa is one of those places where you can enjoy no matter you planning on visiting in December or June.  In every month or season, Goa is being Goa- loud but peaceful, wild but decent and colorful yet simple. Maybe that’s why it called as party capital of India. Well as you know Goa is perfect place for bachelors you can enjoy every single minute of your journey and believe it you are not going to complain after that. The best thing about the goa is it has lots of thing to offer, you can enjoy every shades of this place. So are you going to visit the party capital alone? That’s wonderful idea! Well, for introducing more about the place, here are some amazing that you can do in Goa.

Where you can stay and how you are going to visit?

When you are travelling alone, you can do some different experiments with your plans. For example, you can do road trip instead choosing trains or flights. It will be interesting as well as exciting for you. Apart from staying in goa hotels, you can stay in guest houses and home stays. If you are not interested in that then you can choose lauges or resorts too.  There are some amazing hotels like ramada goa, which provides wonderful services, meanwhile it depends on you that what you want to do with your staying issue.


Things that you can do in goa: fun paradise for bachelors

Eat. And Enjoy!

Nothing can beat the taste of cushions of goa , no matter you are talking about non vegetarian dishes like  Prawn Balchao, Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Xacuti etc. if you are not non vegetarian food fan then you must taste tomato curry, mushroom pulao . Veg royal briyani and many more dishes that can leave its taste on your taste bud forever. If you are sweet fan then this place is more than heaven for you, amazing chocolate thali, cucumber veg cake, muffins etc.

Drink the best beverages

Goa is full of suprises , especially if you are talkingbaout the beverages, no matter you are looking for refreshing drink or something strong to drink. Kokum dtinks , green ccounet water , and lassi are best if you feeling dehydrate in hot baeches. No , if you are looking for something more then just a drink then you should rtry feni , a local drink made by cashew and cocununt. Its delicious and hard .

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