The Zanzibar Archipelago – A Sunny Delight


Full with beautiful white sand beaches and stunning attractions, Zanzibar Archipelago and its many islands await tourists all year round, since the average temperature during the coldest month (July) is around 24°C, there are 10 hours of daily sunshine in December and the sea’s average temperature is 30°C in March. Unguja, the largest and most populated island is widely known as Zanzibar Island or simply Zanzibar. It is the most visited place in the Zanzibar Archipelago. Here are the most interesting things that you can see or do in Unguja and the rest of this wonderful archipelago:

1. Visit the historic buildings in Stone Town, Unguja, such as The House of Wonders and The Arab Fort. Those buildings are very important from a historical point of view and a great representation of the cultural heritage of Zanzibar and the East African environment.
2. Visit the Seaweed Centre– This centre aims to help female seaweed farmers in Zanzibar by providing a place to develop their seaweed based businesses. You can get a glimpse of the life of the locals in Zanzibar, especially the females, and also have the opportunity to get awesome, natural products that they manage to make out of seaweed, such as soaps and creams. There are actually tour operators that can help tourists get a better understanding of the whole picture.
3. Speaking of tours, you can also check out some of the available tours and try some of the best activities in Zanzibar
4. Try Surfing – The Southeaster Coast is the best place in Zanzibar to try water sports. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, the coast has a place for you. Crystal clear, warm water awaits the water sports enthusiastic tourists with great waves and a lot of space to enjoy yourself, since this region is not crowded at all. It would be a good idea to look for a guide/ a surf school nearby, to make the most of this experience.
5. An amazing place to visit is the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre. This is one of Africa’s largest butterfly exhibits and it provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about all the different butterfly life cycle stages from up-coles. A knowledgeable guide will tell you everything you need to know about this astonishing tropical garden, where hundreds of butterflies, all of which are native species to Zanzibar, fly freely.
While in Zanzibar, you should also check out all the great restaurants and try the traditional Zanzibar cuisine. The ginger beer (tangawizi), the sugar cane juice and fresh coconut milk are not to be missed; check out the small bars in Zanzibar to try these fascinating drinks. Check out the hotels in Zanzibar to plan your vacation accordingly.

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