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USA is considered as the country with the largest economy and a superpower country.  Almost everyone in this world knows a thing or two about USA even if they have never been to the country.  It is packed with amazing landmarks that became synonymous on the state where they can be found such as the Statue of Liberty, White House, Vegas Strip, Hollywood Sign, Mt. Rushmore and others.  In addition, there are also familiar images and brands that you can see everywhere such as Coca Cola, Levis, and Apple.  Various aspects of the local culture can be quite daunting for a traveller to understand despite of the level of familiarity.  If you want to get to this amazing country, finding cheap flights to the USA is easier than ever, but from you go, this article will guide you and help you understand the numerous factors that may affect your vacation to USA.

Visit the Tourist Information Centre First

All state in the USA have their Tourist Office which will provide you a wide range of available local maps, brochures, and leaflets regarding the prime tourist attractions within the state.  Sometimes, discount coupons on restaurants and accommodation are also provided in tourist office.  While you may contact these offices before you travel to the country, it is highly recommended to visit them personally.  They will also provide you with essential information about the district that you need to know.


No country is crime-free but the crime committed in the urban areas is significantly low.  Even if Miami, Los Angeles, and Detroit are often depicted by the mainstream media as a lawless district, they are generally safe during daytime.  However, there are certain parts of the city that are off limits to the tourists.  Tourist destinations are properly lit and have a strong presence of the law authorities.  For those who will take care of their personal belongings, it is highly unlikely that they will encounter a major safety problem.

For those people who are planning to rent a car, car-related crimes are also significantly low.  However, we still recommend you to be cautious.  When renting car in the urban district, expect that the car will have no license plate.  When you are on the road, avoid stopping of deserted and poorly lit area even if someone advised you that something is wrong with your car and you should check it.  It is highly recommended to stay in your car and call for professional road assistance.


Restaurant staff mostly earns a huge portion of their income from the tips that they receive from the customers.  Leaving with inadequate tip is a form of insult.  When you receive a satisfying service, leave at least 15%-20%.  For the barkeeper, give at least $1 per round.  Bellhops and hotel porters should be provided with at least $2 for every piece of luggage.

These are some of the tips and information that you will need during your vacation to USA.  Follow them, and you can guarantee that your travel will be hassle-free and exciting.

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