What to Visit in Vienna in 24 Hours


Vienna is the European capital that demands an extended visit – the more you discover the city, the chances you’ll fall in love with it grow. Nonetheless, when your schedule doesn’t allow it, you can make do with visiting this beautiful destination in 24 hours. The Austrian capital is confirmed to be a focal point of culture, art, and music, its unique tradition being interwoven with the modern, vibrant cultural background. Follow our tips and make your 24-hours-stay in Vienna memorable.

  • Stephen’s Cathedral

The heart of the city, the epicenter of Vienna’s Old Town is the one and only St. Stephen’s Cathedral. You’ve probably seen it on many, many postcards. Dating back to the 13th century, this religious sanctuary has remained a symbolic icon of the city. The Gothic architectural features of the church make it one of the most impressivemonuments in the entire country.


If you think you’re up for it, you can challenge yourself to climb the 343 stairs to the top of the church and relish the unique, astounding view over the city. Believe me; it’s worth the effort.

  • Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace was once recognized as the epicenter of imperial power. Until the 20th century, the palace was the home of kings and emperors of the beautiful country. At present, the astounding building is the official workplace and residence of the president of Austria.

Presumably one of the most stunning aspects of the building is its astonishing design – the construction is featured by various architectural influences, from Gothic, Renaissance, and Classicism movements.

  • Mozart’s House

Many, many tourists are drawn to Vienna because of its unique cultural heritage. Presumably, the primary reason Vienna has received the name of the city of music is that it is the place where Mozart lived and was shaped like the most influential musician. His house is the place where we composed the majority of his greatest works.

  • Schönbrunn Palace

Although Schönbrunn Palace is at a distance from the city, having been the imperial’s family summer residence, it is, by far, the most impressive palace complexes featuring the Baroque architectural style. And the greatest thing is that you can stroll, free of charge, around the grounds of the palace.

  • Ringstrasse

Walking around this beautiful city is also a must. Walking along Ringstrasse is highly recommended if you wish to taste the real Vienna. You’ll get the chance to glare at some of the most impressive buildings, built in various styles, unparalleled in magnitude and beauty.

One last word on Vienna Airport taxi

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